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To celebrate our new website we offer 20% discount on everything! Use the code WELCOME20
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What are Moss Poles and how to use them?

If you’re looking for a unique and customizable way to support your climbing plants, 3D-printed moss poles are a great option. These lightweight and easy-to-use poles are perfect for plants like Syngonium, philodendron, monstera, and pothos. They naturally grow vertically and will climb any surface they can attach to. However, as these plants grow, they can become heavy and may need support to keep them upright. That’s where 3D-printed moss poles come in!

How to use a 3D-printed Moss Pole?
  1. Choose the right size 3D printed moss pole for your plant. Our poles are available in a range of sizes to support the weight of your plant as it grows.
  2. Place the moss pole in a pot with your climbing plant. It’s important to anchor the pole securely in the potting soil to ensure that it can support the weight of the plant. We suggest using the moss pole when repotting the plant so as to not damage the roots.
  3. Attach the plant to the moss pole using clips or velcro tape. Ensure the aerial roots are facing the moss pole to absorb water and micronutrients. As the plant grows, encourage it to climb the 3D-printed moss pole by gently guiding its stems up the pole.
  4. As the plant reaches the top of the pole, you can either remove the top growth to encourage lateral growth or add additional 3D-printed moss poles to accommodate the plant’s continued growth.
  5. Remember to water and fertilize your plant as needed to keep it healthy and encourage growth.

Using 3D-printed moss poles is a simple and effective way to support your climbing plants. At Belleity, we offer a variety of sizes of 3D-printed moss poles to suit your specific needs. Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products that help your plants thrive. Check out our selection of 3D-printed moss poles today and add a touch of green to your home.

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